INS Specialist Centre

For Women in Labor

1. You will be instructed by your physician to come to INS SPECIALIST CENTRE. At this point, you are probably in active labor.

2. One of our Doctors coupled with the nurses will assess you, and if are in active labor, you will be transferred to a Labor Delivery Room. If you are not in active labor, you will probably be sent home.

3. Your labor process will be monitored in the LDR. You will wear a belt that sends signals to the electronic fetal monitor. Your doctor will check on you periodically to monitor your progress.

4. If you should want pain relief, anesthesia is always on call. At our Center, we respect those patients who request an unmedicated delivery. You should discuss your birthing plans with your obstetrician prior to labor. PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer aqua/water births.

5. You are allowed 1 visitor at a time; NO children can be present for delivery. If you need to make special arrangements, please speak to your doctor.

6. All newborn exams are done at the Nursery, under the supervision of our Paediatrician. About two hours after delivery, you will be moved to your ward room.

7. After a vaginal delivery, women recover in the hospital up to 48 hours. We do support early discharge if you have excellent support in your home.

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